OPENING PANEL: Getting it Fast and Getting it Right

6-9pm – Fri, Feb 15. – Lecture Hall (Third Floor) at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism – includes reception and networking!

Social media has been credited with helping journalists do better journalism in many ways, but events such as Hurricane Sandy and the Sandy Hook shootings have also revealed various problems. Everything from fake photos to false information has been part of recent journalism coverage. Inaccurate coverage has been with us for decades, but the scope, frequency and chest-beating about it are at an all-time high. Join us for a high-profile, hard-hitting conversation about how we can all improve social media by practicing new methods that can help us distinguish fact from fiction.


Emily Bell (@emilybellis a professor at Columbia Journalism School, and director of its Tow Center for Digital Journalism. She previously was director of digital content for Britain’s Guardian News and Media from 2006 to 2010. Be sure to read Prof. Bell’s new report, written with Clay Shirky and CW Anderson, Post-Industrial Journalism: Adapting to the Present.

David Clinch (@DavidClinchNews), long-time CNNer, is editorial director of Storyful, a leading social-media verification service used by newsrooms around the world.

Jim Roberts (@NYCJim – note new handle), is doing one of the first talks after leaving the NYT, so we’ll quote his Twitter bio:  “a former editor at The New York Times, a full-time student of the news, a lover of social media and a long-time follower of the Grateful Dead.” Read “NYT editor  to take 75,000 Twitter followers out the door with him”.

Special guest: Jack Dickey (@jackdickey), Deadspin contributor and Columbia College senior who was co-author to the biggest social media story of the year so far, the Manti
Teo hoax. He’ll share his thoughts on how the topic and tell his best Teo stories.


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