Social Media and Investigative Reporting

11am-noon – Saturday, Feb 16 –  Lecture Hall (Third Floor) at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism

At this workshop, learn how social media platforms can be used to collect crucial data to support reporting hard-edged investigative reporting projects. Learn how investigative news website ProPublica uses cutting edge tools to extract hard, quantitative information from postings by readers on Facebook and other platforms that can then be compiled into sortable databases, analyzed and visualized to support major news packages.

Blair Hickman, @amandablairis ProPublica’s social media producer. Previously, she led online editorial and outreach strategy for Dowser Media. Prior to that, she was a multimedia assistant for the PBS series “Women, War & Peace” and a writer for Mediaite, focusing on news and emerging media. She’s contributed content to a range of publications, including Jezebel, the New York Daily News and Patch. Hickman is a graduate of NYU’s Journalism’s Studio20 and Brown University’s Nonfiction Writing program.

Amanda Zamora (@amzam) is senior engagement editor at ProPublica. Previously, she led The Washington Post’s online election coverage as national digital editor. She first joined the Post in 2003, spending six years as an online editor and producer for various departments, including the investigative reporting unit, before serving as its first social media and engagement editor from 2010–2011. Zamora began her journalism career at the Austin American-Statesman as an editorial aide and reporter. In 2009, she helped launch the Huffington Post Investigative Fund, a nonprofit news site based in Washington, D.C. She is also a previous Knight Digital Media Fellow with the Kiplinger Program in Public Affairs Journalism.


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