Social Media for Bloggers

1-2:15pm – Sat, Feb 16. – World Room (Third Floor) at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism

When your goal is to attract readers to your blog, you’re not just competing against other blogs for page views. Depending on what your niche, you may be competing against news organizations, magazine websites, and branded content from corporations. But guess what? They’re competing against you too. And there’s a lot that the little guys and big brands can learn from each other. After all, the big names are trying to navigate the social media platforms as deftly as the independent bloggers, who really got there first. Meanwhile, the corporations have plenty to teach the bloggers about long-term strategies and professionalism. Whether you have your own blog, run a blog for a business or are just thinking about starting a blog, you’ll leave this panel with plenty of ideas of how to make social media work best for your needs. 


Liz Borod Wright (@Travelogged) is the editor/publisher of, an award-winning travel blog, and a social media consultant. She first became passionate about social media through the need to drive traffic to without any kind of advertising budget. Before branching out on her own, Liz held editorial staff positions at major websites, including, and An alumna of Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism, Liz is an adjunct for Sree Sreenivasan’s Advanced Social Media Workshop.


As president of Riverside Marketing Strategies, an actionable marketing consultancy, Heidi Cohen (@heidicohen) has deep experience in social media, content, digital and direct marketing across product categories. Additionally, Heidi has worked with established media companies such as The Economist as well as newer targeted digital media entities. Heidi simplifies the complex concepts behind today’s evolving integrated marketing challenges. Since 2002, Heidi’s taught at a variety of universities at the graduate level and delivered online and corporate training. In addition to writing for a variety of publications, Heidi blogs at, a Top 10 Social Media Blog for 2013 and 2012. Heidi speaks widely on current industry topics. In the process, she teaches old marketers new tricks and new marketers old tricks.

Mike Street (@MrMikeStreet) launched in 2005 after he left his position at BET Networks as his way to keep connect to the entertainment industry. Little did he know that his blog, which covers the range of urban lifestyle from technology to Fashion Week to music, would be the catalyst for a whole new career in marketing and social media.

He is the Account Supervisor for a major PR agency based in NYC and has a passion for emerging media, technology & social innovation. Throughout his 12 years in the digital space, Mike has worked with top tier brands such as Time Magazine, Rémy Martin, Oscar de la Renta, Lexus, P&G, Turner Broadcasting and BET.

>> Ask him how he hit 218,000 Facebook likes on just 1 post.<<

Abby Tegnelia (@abbytegnelia) lives in Las Vegas, where she is editor-in-chief of the city’s luxury magazine, Vegas. While on sabbatical for a year, she lived a quieter life in a town of 3,000 people in Costa Rica, where she started her travel blog, After finishing her masters in journalism from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in 2000, she worked at New York magazine, Us Weekly and In Touch, and her work has appeared in Glamour, Marie Claire, Women’s Wear Daily, Grazia, Voici and many more. Follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest at abbytegnelia.


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